Potty Bell Product Review – Potty Training Bell

The Potty Bell is a device used by dog owners to train their dogs to “communicate” their intent to go out to “do their business.”  Essentially, you train your dog to associate ringing the bell with going out to either poop or pee.  And for someone who has used it for the first time with my new pet, I can tell you that training him to use it is not that hard.  There are a lot of resources online, especially videos, that will walk you through the process and frankly, it did not take a day.  

In an earlier post, I wrote about actually training your dog to use the potty bell. In today’s post, I will be reviewing the brand that appears first in most online searches.  And I will compare it to some of the other brands that appear in the same searches after it.

Caldwell’s Potty Bells

Image from Amazon.com

  • Caldwell’s Potty Bell
  • One Unit
  • $7.99 on Amazon.com
  • $11.70 on Caldwell’s website
  • Nylon, 4 bells, not adjustable
  • Hangs on most doorknobs

In most Google searches I made, this brand almost always pops up first.  It’s sold by Caldwell’s Pet Supply, Co., that, you guessed it, sells pet supplies and foodstuff for your pets.  You can find their products on their own website or through Amazon.com.  What I found was that in the case of the potty bells, as with most products, Amazon offers them at substantial savings compared to their site.

If you go to caldwellspetsupply.com, this particular product had a list price of $17.99, not including shipping, handling, and taxes.  However, they are currently offering it for $11.70, shipping and taxes not included.  On Amazon.com, however, the price is only $7.99.  And if you are an Amazon Prime member, that price includes shipping and handling.  Applicable taxes apply, of course.  And if you have rewards, you can apply those to the purchase, too.  

As a product, it is sturdy.  It’s made of Nylon and comes in 8 different colors, which include red, blue and black.  It is 26 inches.  And with most standard door knobs at 36 inches or 3 feet off the bottom of the door, that leaves 10 inches between the tip of the potty bell and the floor.  At that height, many pet dogs can reach it.  

It has four loud, metal bells which you can hear even if you are in different parts of your house.  The sound resonates clearly all throughout.  And, Caldwell also offers a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not satisfied with the product, they will refund your money in full.

Image from Amazon.com

Caldwell’s also has another model called the Classic, Potty Bell.  It consists of a flat metal flange, at the end of which is an attractive brass bell. Unlike the regular potty bells which you hand on any doorknob, this particular model needs to be physically attached to the door frame or an adjacent door.  You need to attach it at an appropriate height so that your particular pet will be able to reach it.  

And this is what I do not like about this model.  The fact that you need to screw it to the door frame or the wall.  With continued use, it may leave a mark on the wall or door frame that it’s attached to.  On top of that, The Classic cost a dollar more on Amazon.com, at $8.99.  On caldwellspetsupply.com, the original price is even higher, at $19.00, although they are offering it now at $13.00.  

Each product comes with a short, “simple” 3 step instructions on how to use the appliance.  Then it has instructions to log on to their Facebook Page where you can join a community of Caldwell product users.  Or, you can go to their website, which will then eventually lead you to Zak George’s video on Potty Bell training (see our post on Potty and Potty Bell Training), which, again, is an easy to follow instructional on how to quickly and effectively train your pet to master the bells in a matter of hours.  

Now, if you have searched this product online, or even shopped at your local pet store, you will see that Caldwell’s is not the only company that sells this it.  And the product itself, while it comes in a generic nylon/bell design, can be made from other materials, and comes in many forms.  But the concept stays the same.  You either hang a bunch of bells from a doorknob which your pet has easy access to or attach a bell to the door frame or adjacent wall, taking care that your pet can reach it.  

The prices range from $6 to $20.  But honestly, it’s a simple product, whose purpose is also simple: to get your pet to communicate his or her desire to go out to potty!  You don’t need to spend $20 when an extremely affordable, and equally effective alternative is available.  

I chose random competitors just to give you an idea on how they compare to the (apparent) leading brand.  

Zacro’s Dog Door Bells

  • Zacro Dog Door Bells
  • Package consisting of 2 bells, a training clicker, and a waste bag dispenser
  • $8.99 on Amazon.com
  • Adjustable Nylon design, with 7 bells
  • Hangs on most doorknobs 

    Image from Amazon.com

Zacro Door Bells are also designed to hang from doorknobs and are made from the same Nylon material Caldwell’s potty bells are made from.  Unlike Caldwell’s Potty Bells, though, these come with 7 bells, and are adjustable!  At its shortest, it’s 30.5 inches, which can be adjusted to 32.5 inches.  It also comes with a 24-month warranty.  

And this particular product is sold as a package containing 2 doorbells, a training clicker, and a disposable bag dispenser that holds approximately 5 potty bags.  For the cost, I think this is a far better deal because you get four items for the price of one Caldwell’s Classic Potty Bell!

A dollar cheaper at $7.99 is a smaller package containing one Zacro doorbell and a clicker.

Mighty Paw Leather Tinkle Bells

Image from Amazon.com

The Mighty Paw Leather Tinker Bells looks stylish and durable.  And the company seem to think so.  If you go to their website, mightypaw.com/product/tinkle-bells-leather/, you will see that they also offer a 100%money back guarantee, like Caldwell’s, if you are not satisfied with their product.  The package also includes an easy, 3-step instructional on how to use the product.  And there are additional online training resources for Mighty Paw customers.  The product is 24 inches long.  

Mighty Paw also sells the familiar Nylon potty bell for $11.99.  That, too, has five bells and is 24 inches long.  


Anjoshi Dog Bells

  • Anjoshi Dog Bells
  • Nylon adjustable belt with 7 bells
  • $6.49 on Amazon.com
  • Hangs on most door knobs

    Image from Amazon.com

This comes in the standard Nylon design, but with 7 loud bells, and adjusts to 33.4 inches long.  One nylon belt is as good as the next one.  This product also comes with a simple 3-step instructional on how to use the product and train your dog.  

Solredo Dog Door Bells

  • Solredo Dog Door Bells
  • Pack of 2
  • Nylon adjustable belt with 7 bells
  • $10.59 on Amazon.com
  • Hangs on most doorknobs

Image from Amazon.com

The standard Nylon with 7 bells design, adjust to about 15 inches off the floor.  What more can you say about a design that’s virtually the same for most manufacturers?  Except this package comes with 2 dog doorbells.  

Many Choices, Similar Choices

As you can see, the designs for potty training bells do not vary much.  It’s a variation on a belt with bells design that your pets pull on to indicate their desire to go outside.  Another design is that of the metal flange with a bell at the end, which many other manufacturers also produce.  

Then there are those with animal figures or flowers incorporated into the basic design of the belt and bells.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  Except for the more complicated the design, the more expensive the cost.  

As always, my motivation is to buy the most affordable, practical and durable product.  The best offers.  The most reasonable packages.  Especially for a product like this one.  There’s just so many choices to choose from.  You don’t have to fall for the first results of your searches.  Dig deeper. I assure you, you will find a deal that suits you best.