About Louie & Gigi

Hi!  We’re Louie and Gigi.  Welcome to our site!

Why We Started This Site

Mochi is our one-year-old black lab.  Our second family dog.  We are determined not to make the same mistakes with Mochi as we did with his predecessor, specifically, not having trained her how to properly act in the house, potty train her fully, and establish a routine for her, as well as for ourselves. 

Our failures with our first family dog still haunt us, and whenever we look back, we feel sorry for her, because our failings ensured that she was not living up to her potential as a pet and companion.  So, this time around, we did our research, we combed the web and YouTube for self-help videos, advice, techniques.  Anything that could help us be better humans to our new pet.

And there were a lot!  Some were useful, others, marginally so.  A large majority were not!  And it was a hassle trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.  There was a lot of trial and error, quite a few products bought and later found to either be useless or not up to the task advertised.  Now, even though it’s been just over a year since we got our lab, we believe that we’ve accumulated enough knowledge to be able to help others who may be in a situation now that we found ourselves in last year.

A Desire to Help Other Dog Owners

Needless to say, we’ve had our ups and downs over the past year.  And while we’ve made great strides, we still have a long way to go.  A few videos online were truly useful and helpful, especially during the first couple of months. Products that we’ve bought did not all live up to their advertising hype. The failures were truly eye-openers.  You truly learn from your mistakes! 

In this blog, we want to share all our experiences with you.  We want to be the resource you can turn to while you’re struggling over which videos to watch, which foods worked, what grooming products we found useful, and which ones were a total waste of time and money.  And maybe, our insights will help you in your journeys towards having a house trained, house friendly pet.

What We Want This Site to Accomplish

And that, ultimately, is the goal for this site.  We want it this to be the site for fellow pet owners who don’t know where to begin.  People like us who were at a loss for guidance.  No experience whatsoever.  Through this space, we hope we can provide you with some answers to the same questions that may be plaguing you now.

And ultimately, we would like this website to document our life with our new canine companion.  We want to share with you all the funny, exasperating, humiliating, lovable experiences we will ever have with him, for however long we will be blessed to have him.

So, let the adventure begin!

If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below.  We’ll be happy to have a conversation with you,

All our best,

Louie and Gigi